Top Reasons You Need a Periodontal Plastic Surgeon

Periodontal plastic surgery procedures help periodontal procedures help cover exposed teeth roots and fix sensitive gums. This kind of surgery can be great news if you struggle with unsightly and short teeth.

Why Should You See a Periodontal Plastic Surgeon?

Visiting a periodontal plastic surgeon gives you the opportunity to improve your oral health and fix the appearance of your teeth and gums. The process involves specific procedures and numerous treatment plans.

Periodontal plastic surgery operations can resolve oral diseases that impact the following:

  • Gingiva – This is a tissue that is known as the lining of the alveolar bone, which is positioned around the cervical portion of the teeth.
  • Alveolar – This is the bony ridge that contains the sockets of the upper teeth.
  • Mucosa – This is the lining inside your mouth.

Periodontal plastic surgery addresses problems with these and other aspects of oral anatomy.

The process is led by a periodontal plastic surgeon, who carries out the procedure, and is responsible for restoring health to the teeth and gums.

Nowadays, periodontal plastic surgery is a great way to solve many dental conditions, including exposed roots, indentations in gums, uneven gum lines, and many other issues. 

Exposed Roots

Gum recession is often the main reason behind exposed roots and long teeth. As you probably know, longer teeth make you look older and tired, therefore impacting your confidence.

Soft graft surgery will cover your exposed roots. There are many different tissue grafting techniques. A periodontal plastic surgeon can help you with exposed roots, ensuring adequate coverage, and aligning them properly.

Indentations In Gums

Broken teeth may cause an indentation in your gums and make your mouth more susceptible to bacteria. Is your smile looking kind of strange and unnatural every time you talk, eat, or laugh?

If so, chances are that you have gum indentation. Visiting a periodontal plastic surgeon can give you suitable treatments and help restore your natural-looking smile.

Uneven Gum Line

Having an uneven gum line is a common dental problem. Even though this doesn’t cause any inconvenience in your mouth, it can make you feel insecure about the way you look. Periodontal plastic surgery can help you correct the issue and sculpt the perfect gum line for your teeth, removing the excess gum tissue and allowing proper tooth exposure.

One of the standard procedures periodontal plastic surgeons use to repair broken or lost teeth is ridge augmentation. A method like this can help you solve defects in your mouth and recapture the natural color of your jaw, gums, and teeth.

Your periodontal plastic surgeon may suggest a combination of material for this procedure. These include your own tissue, collagen membranes, bone products, or allografts.

How to Prepare for Upcoming Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Whether your dental problem is due to bleeding gums, loose teeth, or indentations in the jawbone, a periodontal plastic surgeon can give you the best treatment for your unique situation.

Before starting the procedure, you need to prepare by taking the following steps:

  • Stop taking medications (aspirin, pain relievers, blood thinners)
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours before the surgery
  • Take any antibiotics prescribed by your periodontal plastic surgeon

Once you undergo periodontal plastic surgery, you’ll have to continue taking care of your teeth. Your ordinary habits should include brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing once a day, and regular dental check-ups.

Why Choose Periodontal Plastic Surgery For Your Teeth?

Many people struggle with a lack of confidence in their teeth. Specifically, they have issues like uneven gum lines, exposed roots, etc. In all cases, periodontal plastic surgery can be the best option for your needs.

Additional benefits of periodontal plastic surgery include:

  • Complete regeneration of deficient or lost tissue
  • Appropriate tooth length for a brighter, beautiful smile
  • An excellent visual blending of gum and tissue colors
  • Correction of excess pigmentation and additional defects
  • A well-proportioned gumline

Final Words

First impressions matter.

If you want to boost your self-assurance, make an excellent first impression when you talk to someone, or be confident of a great smile, periodontal plastic surgery is the right choice.

Visiting a professional periodontal plastic surgeon will help you to understand the best treatment for your needs. The process can help you get that “Hollywood smile” you’ve always wanted.

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