Top Five Reasons You Should See A Periodontist

Periodontists excel at keeping the foundations of your teeth, namely your gums and bones, healthy and aesthetically appealing. Most of the tasks related to your oral health fall under the jurisdiction of the general dentist of your choice. General dentists do regular checkups, fill cavities, and provide teeth cleaning and extraction when necessary.

Periodontists come in when the situation is more complicated; this could be because the gums are receding, you need your implant replaced, or complicated procedures such as bone grafting and soft tissue regeneration are the only way to go. Periodontists are vital in these procedures and often make a huge difference in improving your oral health.

In this blog, we have outlined the five most important reasons you might need to see a periodontist.

A Change in Your Bite and Loose Teeth

If you feel that your bite does not feel quite the same or your teeth seem looser than usual, chances are you might be suffering from periodontal disease. This is the precise field that periodontists excel at and an appointment with one could do wonders for your long-term oral health. Loose teeth, in particular, are often a symptom of advanced receding of gums or periodontitis; once again, only a periodontist can help you with these conditions.

Receding Gums and Overall Pain and Discomfort

A slight recession of gums comes with aging, but a sharp decline in gum health such as bleeding and an appearance of longer teeth might be a sign of something more sinister, such as periodontal disease. If you noticed that your gums seem to be receding at an alarming rate, it might be time to schedule an appointment with your local periodontist.

Additionally, whenever you feel pain and discomfort that you cannot locate to a specific tooth, it might be a good idea to see a periodontist. As a specialist in the foundations of your teeth, a periodontist will be able to perform a thorough examination that will identify the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort.

You Need Expert Care Related to Your Gums or Bones

General dentists do their best to cover a huge number of oral health issues and help their patients, but it is always wiser to seek the help of experienced professionals that specialize in your specific circumstances. In those cases, the outcome of the treatment improves, and your long-term oral health is taken into consideration. Periodontists focus on a much smaller group of oral health issues compared to regular dentists, making it easier for them to specialize and become more proficient at treating certain types of conditions.

Periodontists Save Your Teeth

Compared to regular dentists, a periodontist is able to find unique ways to preserve your teeth and use tooth extraction as the last resort for solving oral health issues. With procedures such as soft and hard tissue grafting, as well as regeneration after bone loss, periodontists give your teeth a chance to recover, even when faced with some serious issues.

It is also a less invasive way to treat some oral health issues, providing patients with an overall more comfortable and effective treatment.

Kings of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

By choosing a periodontist to provide you with dental implants or cosmetic procedures such as crowns, bridges, and veneers, you are taking control of your oral health and letting the professionals take care of these issues for you.

Periodontists also focus on preparing a strong and healthy foundation before the procedures are ready for execution. Treating your gums, identifying underlying causes of pain and discomfort, and grafting soft and hard tissue where necessary are just some of the ways periodontists can improve the overall aesthetics and durability of dental cosmetic procedures.

Finding a Periodontist

Periodontists are a team of well-educated and experienced oral health professionals that focus on helping you improve your dental health with a holistic approach.

If you identify with any of these reasons on when to see a periodontist and live in or near Lubbock, TX, give Wentz Periodontics a call today to schedule an appointment. Take control of your oral health and let Dr. Wentz prepare a custom treatment plan for your oral health. For more information, feel free to contact us today at (806) 794-8365 and schedule your appointment.